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Stall Showers are made up of a floor and 3 sides. It may have a glass shower door or a shower curtain. This is the most traditional shower used.

Corner showers may be either a square corner or a neo-angle shower. Always have at least two walls. Glass doors are recommended for these types of showers.

Bathtub Showers are baths with shower walls the most commonly used in our homes today. It may be a combined unit with a bath and walls or a bath with a different type of walls.

Walk In Showers are usually made of tile or solid surface walls. It is oversized so that it does not require a door. It must be designed so that the shower water is not directed toward to walk in doorway.


ADA Showers are units that have the grab bars factory installed and with a deeper depth than standard showers.

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Cast Iron is a heavy material that has an enamel coating with a glossy glaze. It has a timeless look and feel. In showers it is mainly used as a base which can give any shower a rich appearance without the up keep of grouting.

Acrylic is a ¼” sheet of high gloss material that is molded in the shape of the bath. It can be buffed over and over again to repair scratches, or simply to restore it's beautiful shine. Acrylic is used in one-piece or multi-piece showers as well as shower receptors in place of tile and grouting.

Fiberglass is a material that is woven together and sprayed with a gelcoat finish to achieve the shiny, smooth surface. These showers are available in one-piece or multi-piece showers as well as shower receptors in place of tile and grouting.

Vikrell is a very strong solid piece of composite material that is reinforced with fiberglass and molded into a bath. Vikrell by Sterling is a very inexpensive and beautiful option for remodeling a bathroom on a budget. There are many pieced units are available in various sizes and design.

Solid Surface is a man made material that has coloring throughout the material. It can be cut and sanded to fit all shapes and sizes. Most are made by combining acrylic or polyester resins with a filler material made of minerals. Solid-surface countertops are nonporous, so they're resistant to stains and food-borne bacteria. Although they can get scratched, the surface is renewable and repairable; scratches and burns can be sanded and gouges can be filled. Swanstone is a solid surface that is much stronger than some and is a hard, non-porous material that is heat resistant up to 425 deg.

Tile is a popular choice for showers with the many colors and styles available. It is versatile in covering any specialty created space. With tile you are able to create patterns and shapes that enhance the beauty of the shower.

TERE-STONE ® consists of natural stone, Dolomite (approximately 74% material composition), Terephthalic resin (approximately 24% material composition) and proprietary components (approximately 2% material composition). It is cast with an "NPG" Isophthalic get coat system.The gel coat system is an integral component to the base material and is resistant to stains, burns and abrasions.  Scratches can be easily removed simply by buffing and polishing the surface.  With a material composition and consistent color throughout the base material, similar to solid surface products, damages to the surface are easily repaired or buffed out. TERE-STONE ® creates the look of real stone, yet more durable than granite or marble.

Cultured Marble is a mixture of fiberglass resin and crushed limestone. Color swirls or spray on granite is applied and then a gel coating finishes the product. This product is very versatile and may be used for any size or style of shower. Some companies may also custom make a color to match other product colors. Walls, shelves, corner seats and benches are also available to install with these shower walls.

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Sliding – Bypass sliding doors are used on a shower or tub & shower where there is limited ability to swing open a door. They are available in framed (a metal frame all around the door and track) or frameless (doors are frameless but they still usually have an outside frame to hold door).

Swing – A swing door is installed on a shower 36” or less and it can be framed or frameless like the sliding door. The framed door may come as a pivot (which is mostly chosen) or with a piano type hinge.

French Swing – Two frameless doors with a low threshold that meet in the middle and may be installed on a tub & shower or a shower. The frameless has a smaller type frame around the opening to hold the frameless doors.

Door & Panel – These doors are used for the larger showers 40” or above and may be framed or frameless. They may have a middle post where the door closes or may be ordered without the post on a frameless to lessen the amount of the frame on the door.

Door & Panel w/return – A door like this is used when there a shower with a double threshold and comes in framed and frameless. If needed a custom cut may be done to finish a shower properly.

Neo-angle – A swing door with two panels on a neo-angle base or shower is available as framed or frameless.

Custom Heavy Glass Door – Roda Doors by Basco may be custom designed to fit any area with minimum to no framing. Beautiful glass doors available in many designs and styles.

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Doors are available with many different frame finishes, glass patterns, and styles to fit your bath design. For more information visit the BASCO Shower Door website to plan the shower door for you. Also stop in and visit our showroom has many different doors by Basco on display.


Acrylic or Fiberglass one-piece or multi-peiced units may be installed. Sizes are limited although a very cost effective choice. Caulking in the seams of a multi-pieced unit is a must and the only maintenance issue.

Acrylic or Fiberglass/Swanstone Walls is a shower with an acrylic or fiberglass base with smooth swanstone walls. Beautiful walls that are easy to clean with many color selections available. May be installed with a trim kit for design and other added items such as corner seats, benches, soap/shampoo caddies. Clear silicone caulk is used in the seams of the panels. This is a very versatile/customizable choice in showers.

Cast Iron/Tile is a shower with a cast iron base and tiled walls. The bases are designed for either a single threshold, double or triple threshold. Walls are then tiled with a tile of your choice.

Cultured Marble showers are available in many colors and any size needed. Colors may be customized and many accessories are available such as corner shelves, corner seats, recessed soap & shampoo shelves. This product may be trimmed and cut on the job for a custom fit.

Swanstone shower walls and pan is another type of shower that has a long life. It is very durable and the maintenance is easy. The shower may be ordered to have the same color walls and pan or with different colors making it unique to your bath.

Terestone shower has a variety of shower kits that include benches. This shower material is also very strong and usually has a glossy finish. Colors resemble a granite look which adds richness to your shower.

Sterling Showers are a very cost effective way to remodel your bathroom. Our most popular are the glossy designed showers that come in smooth or tile look styles. They snap together in a way that no water leaks through. No caulking is required which makes this an easy unit to care for.

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